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The Grand Champion of the "I'M A MIRACLE" Business Roadshow Competition and Winner of VOBA2021

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

It's certainly a new milestone achieved by ALgoBiZZ Berhad during this October 2021, We have been crowned the Grand Champion in the "I'M A MIRACLE" Business Roadshow Competition organized by Vilor Berhad - a Business Incubator in Malaysia. Aside from the RM50,000 cash reward, we managed to attract VIP Investors from the event to invest RM1,500,000 in ALgoBiZZ Berhad.

Just a week after the competition, we were awarded with several awards under "VOBA2021 - Vilor Outstanding Business Awards". They are:

🏆 Outstanding in Technology Award - Mr Tiyo Chin Hock, CTO

🏆 Outstanding Women's Enterprise Award - Serene See, CEO

🏆 Brand No.1 Outstanding Award - iBiZZtax

Needless to say, getting these awards are priceless and it was the icing on the cake for us. The dedication by our team's selfless contribution over the years towards the business has been recognized by the Judges and Vilor. We wouldn't have gotten these awards if not for the zeal and zest portrayed by our team.

Lastly, we are grateful to all the supporters who have continuously stayed by our side and the positive energy you have given us to get this far. It will further strengthen us forward towards our Road to IPO!



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