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Company Background

We focused ourselves on developing and providing a Cloud Tax Computation Solution to the Professional Industry, mainly Tax Agents, Accountants and Auditors. 


Our main objective is to ease the complexities of taxation procedures, enhance efficient submission of taxes, eliminate human error and minimizing operational costs. The tax software's application is designed in a simple to use, easy to learn, no on-site training requirement and practical manner. With iBiZZtax Cloud, tax agents can now access their clients' data at any time, from anywhere and any internet-connected devices for prompt advisory. Most importantly, by moving to cloud-based tax application, it will be free from being exposed to high risk of becoming a victim of cyber-attack due to the highly confidentiality of tax information.

In addition, the solution has successfully integrated to LHDNM newly launched e-filing submission format, namely e-Dts via Web-API in November 2019. An official endorsement has been presented to us for our competency in this field. In line with the government's focus in the field of digital transformation, we will continue to play our role in supporting it as a whole.

Our Vision

To build a New Digital Tax Infrastructure for the 15 member countries of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

Our Mission

To continuously explore the field of AI technology in tax software industry towards providing simplified process of tax system.

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