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LIVE interview by BBusiness

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Our CEO, Serene See was invited to a LIVE interview by BBusiness to talk about how we can help tax companies by working from home to pull through the current Convid-19 pandemic via our Cloud Tax Software.

iBiZZtax, An Income Tax Software on Cloud 云端的税务软件

  • A guide on how to transform your business to Cloud 教你如何转型上云端

  • How to sustain your business during the MCO 让公司在MCO期间生存下来!

  • Sharing on how government provides the Digitalisation Grant to digitalise your business 分享你不知道政府补助政策的数码转型配套!


- Interview by BBusiness (Mandarin) -

Speaker 主讲:

Serene See 徐爱莲

- iBizzcloud Sdn Bhd, CEO 总裁 - Host 主持:


- BPublication, Chairman社长 -

- BBranding, Branding Consultant 品牌顾问 -



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