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Congratulations to Advisirs Plus for Winning the Digital Technology Adoption Awards (DTAA)!

We are pleased to share the news that our valued digital tax firm, Advisirs Plus, has won the Top Excellence Award in the category of Practice Management Process at the Digital Technology Adoption Awards (DTAA).

As award sponsors, nominators, and your dedicated CloudTax solution provider, witnessing Advisirs Plus achieve a remarkable journey towards digitizing their tax services with the utilization of iBiZZtax exemplifies their commitment to innovation and efficiency in today's digital trend.

iBiZZtax is a comprehensive Cloudtax Solution designed to streamline tax processes, improve tax compliance, and enable 3-second eDts C eFiling to LHDNM Portal services. Its intuitive interface and advanced features empower tax professionals to digitize tax preparation tasks—it is simple, fast, and digital.

Let's celebrate this momentous achievement together with Advisirs Plus!



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