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We are 1 of Malaysia's Representative to the Create @ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest -- Global Final in CHINA!

We are pleased to share that we are the 1st Runner Up 🏆 in yesterday's Create @ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest (CACSC) Grand Final 2019 (KL) out of 10 finalists, and this has earned us a spot at the CACSC Global Final to be held in China in November 2019 where we will be pitting against representatives from 57 cities🏙 from 22 countries🌏.

10月13日2019年,我们成功获得阿里巴巴全球诸神之战创客大赛 -- 马来西亚吉隆坡区总决赛【亚军】,从10强中脱颖而出并代表马来西亚前往中国对决来自来22个国家、57个城市的冠亚军。阿里巴巴全球诸神之战创客大赛 -- 全球总决赛,将于2019年11月在中国杭州举办。

create allibaba final 1st runner up.jpg
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