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As a Tax Professional, are you looking for a tax software that can be used anytime and anywhere to expedite and simplify your tax preparation?

Most of the tax software in the market is the Offline version (including PC version and Server version) or Web version. The server needs to be constantly upgraded to cope with the increasingly heavy customer data and software requirements. This is undoubtedly an unavoidable expense for the industry.


A good software that is time saving and user friendly with up-to-date compliance to the LHDNM's requirement is required in order to produce accurate results. For the following year, it only requires a one-click function to auto generate the same client's data from the previous year. Only the new tax data is required to be updated.


Aside from existing Offline version and Web version, in 2020 we had developed and launched the one and only tax software on Cloud (online version) in Malaysia!

What is the Cloud Software?

Cloud Software includes email services, example: Gmail, Outlook, and cloud storage, example: iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and etc. The Cloud Software enable access from anywhere, anytime and any devices such as tablet, smartphone, laptop and etc. with just a internet connection. This will bring immediate convenience and effect. 

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So, what benefits does Tax Software on Cloud bring?

Introducing iBiZZtax, the tax software on cloud! It is user friendly and easy to learn. eTutorials are available on website to assist user when encountering problems. This differs from conventional Offline and Web versions whereby it is time saving because no site training, no software installation and no update is required.

The software usage is free, but to enjoy the free usage, users have to subscribe a Start-up Pack with 50 submissions valued at RM600 (RM12 per submission). The charges is reasonable and iBiZZtax Cloud Software is modelled on a pay-per-use basis.

How to Subscribe? 

Visit our website to sign-up. After payment is made, the user id and password will be issued within 2 working days by email. 


Once login, dashboard will display the chart on submission credit movement and balance. It also enable to create unlimited clients' record and tax computation, unlimited user,  users' access control and etc.


iBizztax Cloud is now integrated to LHDNM e-Data Transfer Service C (e-Dts C 2019) e-filing portal via Web API technology. Instead of having to fill individually page by page, it is now completed with just One-Click-Button whereby all required e-Data will be uploaded to the LHDNM’s e-filing TAeF portal.

In summary, iBiZZtax is Malaysian tax compliance Cloud Tax Software that complies to LHDNM's requirement and is time saving, cost effective, user friendly, highly effective and highly secured. iBiZZtax enable access from any time, any where & any devices such as tablet, smartphone, laptop and etc. with just a internet connection. No longer are you required to be back in office to attend to any task while being away. In short, you will experience the beauty of "office away from office".

The Functions of iBiZZtax Cloud are below:​



  • Company Tax (C, CP204)

  • Personal Tax (B, BE & M)

  • Partnership Tax (P, CP30)

  • Form E, EA

  • Ownership Tax

  • Deliver Tax Return Review, Tax  Computation, Supporting Schedules, Statutory Form (HK & Lampiran)

  • Push2e-Filing Module to perform direct eFiling to LHDNM eFiling Portal

  • Import Function of CA, FA, HP,  EA & Financial Statement in CSV (Excel)

  • eDts-C (WebAPI) <Ready>

  • e-Tax Filing <New>

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