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MDEC 100GoDigital Appreciation Day 2023

iBiZZCLOUD and AKIN PLUS are dedicated participants in Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s (MDEC) groundbreaking initiative, #100GoDigital. We are proud to announce our latest recognition with a prestigious award on December 13, 2023, during the MDEC 100GoDigital Appreciation Day. This achievement not only underscores the remarkable strides made by iBiZZCLOUD and AKIN PLUS in the realm of digital transformation but also highlights our commitment to facilitating significant progress for our clients in their digital journey.

Since mid-2022, iBiZZCLOUD and AKIN PLUS have actively fostered strong relationships between MDEC and our clients through #100GoDigital. The 100+ Supporting Partners stand as a testament, working together to solve the complexities of the digital landscape and propel digital acceleration, contributing to the initiative’s collaborative success.

As we celebrate this award, we eagerly anticipate ongoing collaboration within the 100GoDigital Program, working together to shape the digital future that empowers Malaysian SMEs, especially in the tax professional industry. Alongside this recognition, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to MDEC for their instrumental role in driving the 100GoDigital initiative. It has not only made a significant impact on iBiZZCLOUD and AKIN PLUS but has also positively influenced our clients, assisting them in successfully navigating the digital transformation.



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