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Cambodia’s Cloudtax Collaboration Agreement Signing Ceremony

iBiZZCLOUD has reached a consensus with Baker Tilly DataTech Co., Ltd. and Cambodia’s Alpha Group on 25/7/2022, a Collaboration Agreement has been signed under the witness of the Economic Adviser to Prime Minister of Cambodia, Oknha Ly Kun Thai in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The next step will be to start discussions on how to implement Cloudtax software in Cambodia to help them realise the digitization for the tax profession.

Once again, our heartfelt thanks to, which has led our company to expand to international markets; We believe that in the future, our Cloudtax software will assist local governments in more regions and achieve digital transformation for taxation!

iBiZZCLOUD 已于 25/7/2022 到柬埔寨与 Baker Tilly DataTech Co., Ltd. 及柬埔寨澳法集团 达成合作意向,并在柬埔寨首相经济顾问 Oknha Ly Kun Thai 的见证下,完成签署合作协议。


再次感谢 这个平台,将我们公司带领出航走向国际;我们相信,税务云端未来会在更多区域辅助当地政府,实现税务数字化!

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